My dog ​​has two dogs.

My dog ??has two dogs.

My dog ??has two dogs. Then you can make a different trip. Last summer I went to a pension in Shiga prefecture. There was a pension that we could not stay without a pet. There is a big dock run, and it runs happily with the dogs of accommodation together. There is a meal with a roof around the docklander, dinner at a half-field in a slow meal, then drinking coffee with other guests, watching running one, pet talk. It was the first time that we had such exchanges with the same accommodation guests, it was fresh. Speaking of domestic travel, sightseeing, eating in hot springs! Although it is a classic stuff, when there is a dog, it makes a completely different fun. On the way home, I will play for the first time with Lake Biwa. I thought that dogs can not swim in dogs, but one of us at home is not going to get scared very much. But, if we wanted to see doggy waki, we dare to take our hand away from one and .... one who desperately looks like I have never seen before. Desperately doggy while desperately drowning! It is! You are using half of your face? It is! It's not advanced at all! It is! It was a burst of laughter while thinking that I had a little poor thing as to whether the dog could not swim without practicing. Traveling with such a fun one is the best.

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